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New edition of Flightpath: Part 2 of Mark Lax’s article: RAAF’s forgotten bomber

FPH aug-Oct 16 Cover

The latest edition of Flightpath magazine (Vo. 28 No.1) has just come across my desk ….. it’s a great issue (Flightpath is published 4 times a year by Yaffa Media – link here for subscription info) or call 1800 807 760.

The Airshows spread is fabulous in the edition, including:

  • Wings over Illawarra
  • Australian Vintage Aviation Association event at Caloundra
  • Imperial War Museum, Duxford – American Air Show
  • First TBM Avenger gathering in probably at least 60 years at Peru, Illinois
  • Planes of Flame Airshow, Chino, CA

There are great photos of VH-AES Hawdon which has found a new home at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Illawarra Regional Airport.

In part II of ‘The RAAF’s Forgotten Bomber of World War II: The Martin Baltimore’, author Mark Lax continues the story of an aircraft of which none remain today.

The RFDS is approaching its 90th anniversary. Andy Wright looks back on the historic aircraft types that have been the workhorses of this excellent and much needed outback service.

This is just a quick snapshot of the edition to whet the appetite

Flightpath is also available from your local newsagent.





The loss of 19th Bomb Group Flying Fortress in latest Flightpath edition

FPH May-Jul 16 Cover

Editor: Rob Fox
Vol 27 Number 4

Flightpath is in my wife’s publishing group so I thought I would give the latest issue a plug as it has some great stories of interest to anyone passionate about military aviation, particularly of the historic kind.

In the issue:

  • Michael Musumeci and Andy Wright collaborate to tell the story of the loss of a 19th Bomb Group Flying Fortress and its crew. The article is based on a chapter from the book Aircraft Crashes of Northern Queensland 1942-45 by Michael Musumeci.
  • James Kightly writes about the building (and rebuilding) of the P-40.
  • Mark Lax (who wrote the history of the F-111) writes about the forgotten bomber of WWII, the Martin Baltimore
  • there are Spitfires, Kittyhawks, Air show spreads and much more in the issue.

You can subscribe at the link or call 1800 807 760 (Aust only) to get the issue. International readers can subscribe for the iPad edition (or print edition, but it is obviously slower and more expensive).

The magazine is published 4 times/year.


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